TRAINING - Give Your Brain the "Cerebrity Treatment"


Enter PART TWO!! Your brain is beginning to show signs of neglect and overuse (dare I say, abuse?). Why? Well, look honestly into your past lifestyle. Any kind of direct or indirect neglect - the stress of multi-tasking, corporate ladder-climbing, and last but not the least, raising a family. Add to that alcohol, drugs, overuse of TV, lack of adequate social interactions, stress, sleep deprivation. Starting to feel guilty? Well, that is not the intent. But certainly being mindful and aware is the first step.

There is HOPE ..... We are lucky to live in an age where science and medicine have made so many advances. Scientists and researches now know that it is possible to take care of the brain, and shape it up to match the well-toned bodies that you have gifted yourselves! Latest research makes it possible to assist people in such areas as memory loss. With commitment and discipline, cognitive abilities of the brain can be improved, cognitive decline can be stopped, and in some cases reversed.


The Brain Studio TM is offering program in the Tri-state area.
We work with people of all ages, to address the needs of brain exercise, to regain sharpness and agility in a social setting.

Expert instruction by highly qualified, energetic and motivated teacher, Reena Chawla has over 14 years of experience as an analyst/coach/teacher/speaker. Having experienced, and then overcome personal memory-related challenges at a very young age, she brings tremendous passion to her job!

She is personally committed to achieving positive results in each and every one of her students