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Nothing works as sensationally as a Whole Brain! To prove that theory, I conducted extensive research, talked to hundreds of people, put together the experiences of our families, friends, neighbors, colleagues, bosses, decision makers, vendors, suppliers, clients, teachers, students, coaches, associates, networking group members, and any one else whom I came in contact with, or touched my life in any form or fashion (YES, even competitors!) - along with their and our extended families - wherever possible! And through that diverse, authentic and meticulous research, I invented the Whole Brain Training™ program.

The BRAIN Studio®, is a pioneer in the field of Brain Fitness and Training, the one and only location-based center (some people prefer the term, gym) that creates customized brain fitness plans based on your unique abilities and challenges, that deliver results! We carefully evaluated diverse cultures and lifestyles worldwide, and conducted evaluations at an atomic level of existence, to develop our knowledge base. You'll join so many of our other satisfied clients who have benefitted from receiving that knowledge. Learn these salient features and techniques and incorporate them into your lifestyle. You will find immense joy, fulfillment and satisfaction in your life, and reduce stress by attacking its source.