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Reenaa Chawla is the President and Founder of The Brain Studio™, a pioneer company in the field of brain fitness consultancy focusing on solutions and services for individuals, groups and businesses. Ms. Chawla, a former Senior Business Analyst for Fortune 100 firms in India and the US, such as Morgan Stanley and EDS, is an experienced educator. Very recently, she qualified to be a MENSA member.

Trained as an Electronics & Communication Engineer followed by an Advanced Diploma in Systems Management, Reenaa studied from Carnegie Mellon University, USA. Along the way, she has won several scholarships, received numerous certificates of appreciation for her work and enjoyed steady growth in her first career as a Senior Business Analyst.

Founded in 2005, The Brain Studio™ was way ahead of its time. That gave us the twin advantage of leadership and innovation. The innovative concept of brain fitness - for individuals and companies - was very well-received by the community. Their support has been heartening and The Brain Studio has been featured in several area newspapers and magazines, and won honorable mentions in Radio shows. We have conducted in-depth surveys, research and market analyses to bring exactly what is needed and we know what works!

The Brain Studio's innovative workshops have been conducted at a growing number of client locations, including:

  • Corporate and Small Businesses - for IT teams, Sales teams, HR managers
  • Non-Profit organizations - YMCA, Places of worship, Libraries, Senior Centers, Women's organizations, ROTARY Club, Local AARP Chapters
  • Individuals - personal training for individuals and entrepreneurs.
  • The Brain Studio™ is a proud partner of Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives, and member of Gerontological Society of America.

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